Spell me

Hi there! I’m Ernestine, and I’m so glad you took the time to drop by my site. I feel uneasy describing myself but I’ll let you know me deeper through my written posts.

Blogging started to appeal to me back when I was 14. I’ve gone through a whole lot through the years with regards to expressing myself out– can finally say I got the hang of it yet it’s a never-ending learning cycle. This is basically a page of all the thoughts that I want to share to anybody who gets to read this, and at the same time help me figure out things on my own. Kinda works both ways, right? I’m in the process of making my own life a little less complicated through understanding whatever happens to me and other things that concern me. Every twists and turns have their own purpose, and every event and people in my life make up a portion of me.

What Am I Here For? (A blog posted on February 2, 2015)

For me, life becomes pretty much lighter when you have an outlet outside the real world– like the social media. I enjoy learning, and the more I am overwhelmed with workload, the more I realize that I am in for what I’m currently doing. Anyhow, the very thing that keeps me going are my dreams that I have yet to accomplish.