Caffeinated Entries

la vie commence après le café

One Step Up

It’s been awhile! How I missed couching and typing down my thoughts. I have admittedly skipped 2 Fridays of my blog feature for I am still adjusting from the newest addition to my daily activities– I just got hired to work! I’ve never had any work experience before so I’m limited to an opinion that I’ve never imagined life to be this exciting. It’s a complete different vibe that I get from all the hardships that I’ve gone through in my three years in college. Aside from I get paid for my time and efforts, I never knew work could be double the fun and challenge! I sure found school really exciting but that’s because it was the only place that time for me where I maximized my skills and pushed myself beyond my boundaries.

During the second week of March, I was undergoing a 7-day training to test if I could be included in the real production. And luckily, just this Monday, I am already starting to work at my new job! What I do is edit and retouch photos from the clients abroad for their own companies. It doesn’t sound as challenging as it really is, but I’ll put it this way, each of us, team mates, are given our own share of a hundred photos (but I only get under a hundred for now for I’m just starting) and before the shift ends, we should be done with the revisions if ever the QA (Quality Assurance) sends you back your edited photo/s. And on my first day, all of my edited photos were sent back to me with the note brushed in red on the photo. Imagine? But the fun part is, I don’t get down when I get revisions because it pushes me to be better at what I do. And that’s a nice start! I guess everyone is just encouraged to learn and go along with the whole productions’ skills and speed and just like what the team lead told us while we were training, we will all be learning everyday. Doesn’t feel like working, really, cause the prod floor and of course the prod team feels cool. I get to do a job that I usually do at home (photoshop), I get to listen to my mates’ nice songs, and I get to talk to my other team mates also through Hangouts, and sometimes the Team Chat Box becomes ridiculously funny maybe because of too much work. Lol. I’m looking forward to knowing the production team better (30% girls and 70% guys so imagine how hyper our team is haha) ’cause I seriously think they’re super cool!

To end this post, I want my readers to keep in mind this quotation that I hold onto for long– God has a plan. You know I’ve imagined different jobs before that I thought would be better until God showed me that I am the master of my fate, but He is my Master who tells me what dreams I must fulfill.


Destress: City Sundown

Start off the weekend right! It’s time to shake off the workweek stress. Indulge in an indie rock/synth pop playlist on a spontaneous Friday night roadtrip.

Destress: When I’m With You

It’s been a long day! So, this happens to be my second post for my new feature, and to soothe the night even better, here’s a set of old-fashioned romantic songs I hope you’ll like. These are actually an all time personal favorites, most especially the few songs to the last– don’t know why but they never fail to give me a beautiful vibe inside. This playlist will probably remind you of the way a certain person makes you feel whenever you two are together. Indulge in chill music right here on my blog! Link me to playlist!

Destress: The Way It Was

Today I’ve prepared a playlist of mostly early millennium alternatives (and a bit of modern music of the same genre) to give a relaxing feel especially for you, readers and listeners. Although these are kinda something you listen to when you’re torn between what your heart feels and what your mind believes, I enjoyed this so much the first time I rolled these songs, took me back to the old days, so hope you get the same vibe!

There you go, giving you an hour or more of personally picked music right here on my blog.

Notes to Self (And to Anybody Who Comes In)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wall to Wall.”

I’m a big fan of philosophical thoughts, they say. Every night before I sleep, I try to squeeze out some principles or the like from my whole day’s activities, which can be essential for the coming days. No living day is wasted if I think profoundly of even the simplest thing that I’ve done at the moment, at least that’s what I believe in. I think, what’s the best way to remind me of these self-quoted essentials? Post it on my wall! (Well, literally.)

I used to share a room with my elder sister and now I finally have my own room in our house. It’s actually my aunt’s but since she already stays in her own house, I was granted the permission to stay here. That came out a bit serious, but it’s just a small deal lol. I remember when I was a little kid (well, I still am) I wanted to post artworks on the walls of our room but I couldn’t cause I had terrible hands. But as years of extensive practicing passed, I figured I could already create half decent works, and so I tried painting, sketching, drawing, all stuff like that. Still ain’t a pro, though. And just last year when I got plenty of time to come back to being artsy, I began to express my own philosophies into artworks. My goal is to remind myself (and other family members who come in) every waking day to be a better person than I was yesterday. Hanging these words on the walls so I have no excuse to disregard them. They’re like a proof that you were, let’s say, as kind and as motivated as this yesterday, and so the tendency is you strive to be better. I’ve learned that most of the time, all we need is a little reminder to ourselves. And you know what? They’re really moving.

Changed But Didn’t Change

So today I have finally accomplished two daily tasks coming from Blogging 101! First was to change my title and tagline, and the other one was to follow some new blogs and topics. I’ve been here for quite some time only to realize I could have given my title and tagline more thinking! I used to think I was doing enough, until I, along with my classmates were given this second task. I was thoroughly reflecting on my real purpose of blogging last night. And gratefully, I’ve become even more enlightened. Oh, the joy in learning.

Sometimes, in terms of lifestyle, making huge changes doesn’t necessarily mean changing your destination. It only means your purpose has become clearer and you realize that you could do better, thus you make the journey even more worthwhile.

What Am I Here For?

“What is the purpose of this blog?” is the very question I’ve been asking myself every time I’m halfway finishing a post. In my four years of being in the world of blogging, I have admittedly faced circumstances which challenged my way of writing many times. I stopped and went on and stopped again for I found myself talking about only the melancholic experiences, things an early teenager’s world would typically revolve on. I took a year without blogging for college and personal purposes, and when I went back just last year, I realized it was all refreshingly worth it. I felt like I was able to start anew. I told myself that I wanted to have a better lifestyle, that I wanted to talk about the beautiful things this time, and so I did.

This blog is basically a public journal of my crunched thoughts. I post on my own terms, sharing my experiences, big or small, along with the knowledge and lesson that I can squeeze in it. I like to think deeply of the things that are being handled to me by God, because I believe that every event, every person or thing, is a puzzle piece which makes up the whole “me”, and whatever happens will make a perfect sense in the end. Maybe blogging is just another way of reminding me of my life’s principles and also a compilation of personal credos. I can acknowledge the fact that I’m a fan of life sayings and someday I dream of being known for my own philosophies. More so, I like how I figure things out with the help of writing. Say a certain thought has been bugging me all day, once I sit at that table and write, I literally spend the next few hours thinking and so I end up solving my deal. It has always given me comfort from the very start. It’s probably my way of detoxifying from negative thoughts. I feel a big pat on my back whenever I’m over expressing my thoughts on a blank screen be it a painful or a joyful one. If for once, I’m not at ease sharing my thoughts out to a person, then this blogging site will always be here for me. I believe that it feels much better and safer to open up to a stranger, and that’s just one of many things that I hope my readers can get from me, too.

I want to reach out to and interact with people of my age and even the elders so I can learn from them, too. In this world we must give and take and as much as possible pass on every knowledge and idea. No matter how far you’ve gone in life, I believe each one of us have yet a lot to learn.

This is an introductory post as a response to my first assignment in Blogging 101. I aim to work on my writing dilemmas as I meet new friends here!

Midnight Noise

It’s a cold season so tonight, there aren’t any turned on ac and fans in my room, I’m good with just the night light and the evening air. There isn’t a deafening silence but the whistle of the laptop and the sound of my fingers touching each of these keys in a fast pace. I’m wide awake in the middle of the night once again.

I’ve had a few nights like this, where in quietness, I can hear a blurred sound coming from the city, something I’ll never hear in the day or when there is an indoor noise near me. The frequent sound of speeding machines, occasional car horns, and this continuous live music from afar that I remember the most. I haven’t gone to watch live musics for a while now, so maybe that’s the main reason why of all, it gives me an indistinct comfort. I find peace in listening to these midnight noise. It makes me put myself in places even when I’m just right here in my bed, focusing, cherishing.

With all the chaos around us, it’s still In silence where we can be profound and discover things that we didn’t expect to give us a good feeling. If we only make time to detach ourselves from our usual lives and just be as bare as we can be, turning off some switches and just stretching our inner selves to the farthest that we can reach, that’s when we are able to absorb even what is not seen. Sometimes, life is clearer in a distance, and in order to see that, we must break the barriers that hinder us from perceiving the purpose of all things.

So, What’s The Plan?

It’s a typically cold night in mid-January and you are sitting on your porch, amused yet confused, brains sky-high. It’s getting late but still, you couldn’t help but think about the things that you aspire. You’re a big dreamer, you’ve set a variety of goals, some correlated and mostly not.
In this world, in order to tick all the boxes of personal pursuits, people have to have at least a clear idea of their finish line, then keep their mind and their soul focused on it.
And so you tried to do the same by spending a few good hours narrowing down, generalizing and pinpointing your plans. Scribbled, erased, and scribbled some more, you rewrote all the untouched entries, and tada!- you’ve just made a proposed line up of your goals in life.

The thing about a plan is that it rarely becomes something more than just the bland word itself. You see, social hang outs, travel itineraries, Friday parties, spending money on something, in the normal world most of them remain as plans, or if you’re lucky, they go accordingly, but not as exactly, for better or for worse. And yet, planning’s been a habit. I guess it’s human nature to keep doing the same thing over again even if it had failed a dozen times.

Yes, what is with these plans? Why do we like to do it? Aside from it makes you wait for something, it gives you a sense of belonging. Say you are a part of a plan, it’s good, if it comes canceled, well sometimes it’s good, too, because it means more time for preparation and to balance enthusiasm. Moreover, it gives a feeling of fulfillment beforehand. Unless you don’t have the motivation to act upon it. Say you were able to plan out your short-term or even long-term activities, then you probably know where you’re headed.

The dawn was breaking and you knew you had to hit the hay. You stared at your list for the last time before you buried it under your pillow, and you assured yourself you’d do something about those entries next thing in the morning. You kept in mind that any plan is nothing without execution. You smiled yourself to sleep because aside from new responsibilities, you knew you made the first step to having a direction– familiarizing yourself with what you want and what you do not.

Are You Still Yourself?

The moment you try to be enough for someone else is the moment you start to lose yourself.

Teenage life is such a crucial phase. It is about all sorts of experience and lots of experimenting. It is going through situations which we thought were so heavy but until we reached our 30s, we would realize that our teenage problems were nothing compared to our life later. But after all, it’s cool. Well, we mostly have a good time (or we just make everything fun?), we get ourselves in trouble (and that’s a life with a twist), most importantly we learn, and we try to survive. One day you find yourself facing a mirror, asking whats and whys. That’s when we figure out insecurities and bravely face them. We figure out ourselves. And how? By looking at others’ lives and then try so hard to live in it? Not.

I’ve encountered a few number of people who compare their lives to the ideal lives they see in someone else. You just sense it when a person does. It is so sad to see how insecurity can slowly kill one’s own identity. Although, egotistically, sure you can feel satisfaction in living by the standards of another person, but you won’t know when it already blinds you, when it slowly eats up your genuinely beautiful personality. Put it this way, envy made you change something in yourself, yet someone else dies to change himself/herself just to be like you. The point is, you have to learn to embrace your unique self, make better use of what you have and what you can do. Discontentment is never wrong, you just have to respond to it the right way. Can’t we just keep in mind that we’re all acceptable in our own ways?