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Category: Destress

Destress: Summer at Six

So just before the sun rose earlier, I decided to charge up my old iPod and stream through a ton of music I’ve loaded there long since 2012. It was a cold dark morning when I got inspired to prepare a laidback music upon hearing Pentatonix’s Valentine play first on shuffle. It suddenly gave me the sunset by the beach vibe. Enjoy!


Destress: Gray Morning

Current favourite playlist! I find comfort in this set of chilly acoustic songs. Stream and enjoy. :)

Destress: City Sundown

Start off the weekend right! It’s time to shake off the workweek stress. Indulge in an indie rock/synth pop playlist on a spontaneous Friday night roadtrip.

Destress: When I’m With You

It’s been a long day! So, this happens to be my second post for my new feature, and to soothe the night even better, here’s a set of old-fashioned romantic songs I hope you’ll like. These are actually an all time personal favorites, most especially the few songs to the last– don’t know why but they never fail to give me a beautiful vibe inside. This playlist will probably remind you of the way a certain person makes you feel whenever you two are together. Indulge in chill music right here on my blog! Link me to playlist!

Destress: The Way It Was

Today I’ve prepared a playlist of mostly early millennium alternatives (and a bit of modern music of the same genre) to give a relaxing feel especially for you, readers and listeners. Although these are kinda something you listen to when you’re torn between what your heart feels and what your mind believes, I enjoyed this so much the first time I rolled these songs, took me back to the old days, so hope you get the same vibe!

There you go, giving you an hour or more of personally picked music right here on my blog.