by Ernestine

Ever since our little Kobe was born, which is three weeks ago from now, I made it a point to take a break from caffeine so long as I exclusively nurse a baby. During my pregnancy, I cautiously kept the routine of having a cup of coffee because skipping one would get me the worst of the withdrawal phase— and I didn’t want anything to add up to the pains of my imbalanced hormones. Gratefully after giving birth, without any dreaded withdrawal, my palate found its way back to a caffeine free drink (which I used to indulge in as a snack before) in replacement of my usual daily recharge— a cup of chocolate drink! I always loved this mix in cold, especially the one with marshmallows, and I have never imagined it to be my temporary morning starter one day. Sweet little surprises.

How amazing it feels to get through the things you once thought you couldn’t do. Maybe a little push is just what you needed.