Looking Back

by Ernestine

So yesterday, while Rex and I was hanging in the house, grammy decided to surprise me (more like, bully me,) with some of my cutesy childhood photos and letters. I liked to have my pictures taken, like a lot. Also, when I was a kid, I was really fond of writing to my elder family. I drew my favorite subject of houses and nature there, along with the other things I usually see that surrounded me. I think it’s one of those things that interest the little ones.
Fortunately, writing is just one of the things that never really left me up until now. Seeing these stuff and looking back, I realized there’s still that kid inside of me. I just grew with it. I still like to write short notes and even long letters to Rex out of spontaneous appreciation. I believe it’s a sweet trait that most have forgotten. Guess I’m that old-school– oh and there’s the old soul in me.

Photos and letters really bring back good old memories. It’s okay to look back this time.